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Sally Mann

Born in Ohio, Sally is an avid humanitarian and activist. She earned a Bachelors’ Degree in Anthropology from Eastern Kentucky University focusing on culture and sustainable development. Today Sally supports several nationally and internationally recognized non-profit organizations in effective outreach and fundraising programs.
Sally & Kaitlyn met in Austin while seeing the same well known local band. There was an instant connection and from there a friendship bloomed that was full of fun, laughter, support, and adventure.
Following in suit of the mission for KaitKares, Sally's routine around fire safety has changed in many ways. She always checks her smoke & carbon monoxide detectors, is more aware of her surroundings in new environments and most of all speaks with others about their own fire safety routines. Sally believes that advocacy can truly carry a mission, and by telling Kait's story we will continue to save lives.

Sally Mann
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