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How to handle the loss of a staff member at work and why it matters

Last week one of the wait staff at Snooze in Austin was killed in a tragic accident and their response to this has left me almost speechless but also so full of respect and deep gratitude. In my 25+ years of working in healthcare and leadership I have never seen an organization respond in such a caring and kind way that clearly puts PEOPLE ABOVE PROFIT!

Here is what they did :

⭐️flew in corporate staff to support the on site management team

⭐️closed for business the day after to provide crisis intervention for staff,friends and family (food and grief counselors)

⭐️held a memorial service for her friends and family (and all 38 locations in the US ran a special for Kaitlyn that day)

⭐️provided a memory box with pictures from all 38 locations

⭐️gave out seeds to plant

⭐️planted a tree in her honor

⭐️organized a balloon release using biodegradable balloons

⭐️will be donating 10% of proceeds from a large event to her foundation

Clearly a company that lives out a culture of inclusion,giving back and love. Kaitlyn was not the VP or the manager but they treated this loss like she was. THIS is what every company should emulate! Thank you #Snooze. #servantleader

This post was written by a dear friend of Kaitlyn's mother, Debra Rembert.

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